DEP Says “NO” To Passadumkeag Project!

BIG news folks!  The Maine Department Of Environmental Protection has issued a draft order to DENY the Passadumkeag Project!  They said that the scenic impact is just too unreasonable!

This is HUGE, because the MDEP has never before denied a wind permit.  They didn’t seem to care about upholding their own standards.  Well, today, that has changed.  I’m sure there will be more news to come, but for now, it is just nice to know that the rubber stamping of wind permits is over!

This is a great day for Maine!


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Registered Maine Master Guide-- Owner, Fletcher Mountain Outfitters-- Operator, Appalachian Trail/Kennebec River Ferry Service
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One Response to DEP Says “NO” To Passadumkeag Project!

  1. Bob Goldman says:

    This is unbelievably great news! I am hugely shocked and super pleased that DEP has somehow decided to do its job and defend Maine’s mountains and natural beauty and the many Mainers who treasure such magical and precious places. Many blessings to those who have fought so hard for our beautiful and precious state. Thank you to all Maine mountain defenders. Thank you Maine DEP. Thank you.

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