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Most everyone in Maine has heard about the proposed “East/West Highway Corridor.”  The idea has been around a for a long time, but has been revived in recent years by Peter Vigue.  Vigue is the man who runs Cianbro Corporation, one of the largest contractors in Maine, and he is also an aspiring wind developer.

The basic idea of the Corridor is to put a 220 mile, four lane private road through the middle of Maine.  It would connect Canada to…well…Canada.  It would also likely end up being a corridor for other things as well.  No real details have been released, but it is not unreasonable to think that the corridor could also be used for electric transmission lines, oil/gas/water pipelines, and other things.  I also have good reason to believe that if built, the Highway/Corridor would be used to enhance and encourage industrial wind development in Maine.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the project is the secrecy that surrounds it.  Mr. Vigue has a lot of information, but so far he is refusing to share most of it with the People of Maine who would be most affected by the project.  I guess he is taking his cues from the wind industry……

However, just because the developer isn’t talking, that doesn’t mean that some information isn’t available.  There is a dedicated group of people who are working to uncover information and educate the public about what many of us feel is a very bad deal for Maine.

If this project is built, the only viable routes would have it crossing the Kennebec Valley somewhere between Bingham and Jackman.  I believe that it is important that the People of this area have whatever information is available, even if the developer is refusing to give it.  So, there will be a meeting this Friday, November 30, at 6:30 P.M. at the Quimby Middle School, in Bingham.

Chris Buchanan a spokesperson for a
coalition of Maine citizens that is working to uncover facts,
promote transparency, and raise public awareness about the
East-West Corridor project will be the lead speaker, and there will be an open community conversation.

I am attaching the entire flier below as a PDF.

The potential impact of this project to the State of Maine is huge, and people need to be paying attention.  I hope that you will join us for this meeting, if you are able.


Bingham flier 11-30-12


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