Standing Guard

The Bald Eagle, the symbol of our Nation, came to stand guard over the Appalachian Trail Ferry Crossing on the Kennebec this morning.  I knew he was coming even before I saw him……The Loons told me.  There are no secrets, if you know how to listen.

He glided in and perched in the very top of a spruce tree, on the west side of the River.  The hikers were amazed that the three Loons on the River let us get so close, but they never even noticed the Sentinel standing guard.

I wonder if they will notice when he no longer stands guard?  I wonder how many know that the Eagle, and his Country, are in grave danger from evil men with greed in their hearts?

No, what the hikers noticed was that after 2.000 miles of hiking along the east coast, Maine is among the wildest and most beautiful places that they have ever seen.  They all comment on it, and they all seem to expect [and hope], that it never changes.

They have no idea…………………..

Aldo Leopold once wrote; “Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf.”

Perhaps it can truly be said that only the Eagle has flown high enough to see the danger to the Mountains, and the Nation……………..

When I left the River, the Eagle was still standing guard over his domain.  The average person would never see him silently perched there in the spruce tree across the River.  As I walked back to my truck, I found my self wondering, and wishing that I knew what the Eagle knows, and that I could make others know, as well.



About David Corrigan

Registered Maine Master Guide-- Owner, Fletcher Mountain Outfitters-- Operator, Appalachian Trail/Kennebec River Ferry Service
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4 Responses to Standing Guard

  1. i once heard where the eagle flies the evil dies. i wish

  2. BillCorrigan says:

    Long live the eagle and his undisturbed domain

  3. Greg Perkins says:

    Dave -

    You are an amazing writer. I tried to read your “Standing Guard” to Jenn but had trouble ………you are close to the land and the wildlife and understand so much better than others, and this comes through in your written and spoken words.

  4. Mike D says:

    How do the hikers feel about the AT being lined with wind turbine litter? Have you done an unofficial survey , and would it make some difference at some time in the future to have that info to present to a future hearing? Or make it an official survey of hikers crossing the Kennebec? Could the wind industry discredit the data because it was not done by Kleinschmitt(an Enron fave)? I think there is an opportunity here, I would not be surprised if you are one step ahead on this.

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