The Eagle In The Oak

The Eagle came back to the Ferry Crossing today.  He sat and watched as I wrote this poem.



Today the Eagle sat in the oak,

Where he watched intently, but never spoke.

What need has he for human words,

When few men deign to speak with birds?


Most men suppose that they are Kings,

Born to Lord over wild things.

So few really understand,

How they depend upon the Land.


So far removed from Earth are feet and hearts,

That men don’t value the wild parts.

They don’t go where the Eagle goes,

And they don’t know what the Eagle knows.


If they could see what the Eagle sees,

And if they could know what he says to me;

Maybe then they could understand,

Why we all must fight to save this Land.


Unless men learn to see with their hearts,

And unless they know the wild parts,

Unless they nurture love and banish hate,

And remember what made this Nation great,


Unless they can over-come their greed,

To understand that all men need,

To be a part of the larger Land,

To reach out and touch it, with heart and hand,


Unless that day should come real quick,

I’m afraid that life on Earth is licked.


If we don’t all step up to right the wrong,

By standing proud and standing strong,

Then I’m afraid it won’t be long,

Before we hear the Land sing Her Death Song.


The Eagle flew off from his oak,

Where he had watched for hours, but never spoke.

What need has he for human words,

In a Land where men don’t care for birds……….

About David Corrigan

Registered Maine Master Guide-- Owner, Fletcher Mountain Outfitters-- Operator, Appalachian Trail/Kennebec River Ferry Service
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7 Responses to The Eagle In The Oak

  1. Don says:

    This poem reminds me of the book Brave New World. The Savage tries to hang on to humanity, while the establishment continues to “program” citizen thinking to conform and disregard what makes us human!

  2. the prayers sent to the animals and winged ones to help us in this WAR against the kings. The hair given to the earth the tobacco poured on her. please wildlife, step forward and help us.

  3. Dave says:

    All of the wild speak to those who listen for we came from their world.
    Some few of us never left.

  4. Gary Campbell says:

    Simply: Thank you, David.

  5. BillCorrigan says:

    That covers everything from philosophy to theology about our mother earth. For without her, we have nothing except dirty water.

  6. Penny Gray says:

    ‘Men’ might not care for birds but surely the eagle knows that women do. (The ravens know this, too.) And there are a few of the two legged male species (human) that care. Truly and deeply. And are willing to fight for them. All is not lost if we band together, join forces, and fight the good fight. Victory will belong to the eagles, and to all those who soar on the wings of truth.

  7. Sheila Richardson says:

    Wind projects coming to a mountain near us all. My former hometown _Canton. Thank you for this poem.

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